Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

The walls and beams supporting a house is the most important part of the overall structure, on which the your home’s structure stands and provides the building with support. Whether your home has a crawl space, trimmed out basement, concrete slab or other foundation type, it is vital that you maintain your home’s foundation with occasional inspections to make sure that your home’s foundation is in stable condition.


With home foundations, there are several common issues which can be quickly mitigated if addressed in the early stages. If you wait to address these complications, you might experience more significant complications. It is essential for you to understand the fundamentals of home foundation repair. The last thing you should do as a homeowner is ignore the warning signs of ongoing foundation and basement problems. You can protect the value and future salability of your home by quickly addressing and repairing any current foundation and basement issues.

Water Leaks in Your Basement

Leakage of excess water into the basement is one of the basic issues. There can be entry of excess water through cracks in your concrete floor, foundation walls, or blocked drains. There can also be excess water leaking through windows in the basement, leading to additional water complications. Standing moisture in the basement is a common difficulty faced by many homeowners. You should discuss the difficulty with your local Stabil-Loc authorized dealer, and get the difficulty evaluated. Call your local Authorized Stabil-Loc Dealer right away and we’ll send out a friendly, professional estimator who will provide you with a prompt assessment of your foundation’s issues as well as a written repair estimate. We’ve help countless homeowners over the years and we look forward with great enthusiasm to helping you.


The Appearance of Wall Cracks

Foundation complications usually manifest in the form of cracked walls and floors. This is usually due to weak or moist soil or, in some cases, the difficulty is due to complications during the construction of your foundation. Cracks can be quickly repaired with new concrete, replacement foundation blocks or even waterproof, injectable expoxy material. You can avoid this difficulty with an assessment of your foundation. At Stabil-Loc, we will always provide professional service and outstanding customer service.


Uneven Floor Problems

Direct damage to the foundation walls caused by excess water generally leads to bulges or cracks in foundation footings and your home’s foundation walls. This generally leads to settling, cracking or uprooting of foundation components which generally leads to various issues including uneven floors, improper closing and opening of windows and doors and cracks in exterior and interior walls. There might also be major structural complications due to cases of excessive moisture damage. Our qualified foundation repair experts can inspect the situation and use industry-leading methods to correct the issue. For your safety and peace of mind, everything our Authorized Stabil-Loc Dealers do is licensed, insured and guaranteed.


Drainage Problems

Drainage complications which cause excess water to enter your basement or crawl space can be another major difficulty for homeowners. In the case of basement flooding, excess water can damage walls, floors and stored boxes. The excess water can causes stains and the growth of mold and mildew. These are just a few the more common issues that are usually encountered. It is important to get help from a highly training foundation repair service provider in case the complications keep occurring again and again. With a proper assessment, the underlying issues can be understood and quickly fixed. Don’t let foundation problems linger. Foundation repair is critically important to the stability and long-term value of your home as well as the health of your family inside your home. Your local Authorized Stabil-Loc Dealer will provide you with a free assessment and repair estimate. They’re happy to schedule the assessment anytime, morning, afternoon or evening, at your convenience.