Forest Park, OK Foundation Repair Services

We are proud to have assisted homeowners just like you in our city for a long time. Our organization consists of certified structural repair evaluator. No matter the size or scope of the project, we will give homeowners a prompt evaluation and written repair estimate for our customers who need assistance.

For our customers who care about the safety and stability of their home, your foundation is the most structurally significant part of your home, which means it is critical to have a professional to any foundation problems. A significant portion of your home’s value is related to the stability and integrity of your home’s foundation. We’ve help countless homeowners over the years. It is our sincere hope you will contact Stabil-Loc so that we can help you assess your foundation’s problems and provide you with a prompt repair estimate.

  • Foundation brick cracks
  • Floors which slope
  • Problems with a home foundation
  • Mildew and mold growth
  • Basement water intrusion
  • Crawlspace problems
  • Sinking foundation

Epoxy Injection Technique

We also make use of our epoxy injection technique to further stabilize basement walls. The special epoxy material is poured into all cracks and crevices to stop excess ground water from getting into the basement. Sealing these cracks will help to restore the concrete used in the foundation to its original strength.You can protect the value and future sale of your home by quickly addressing and repairing any current foundation and basement issues.


We are extremely proud to guide and support our valued customers in our area. So please give us a call immediately for foundation repair help today. Your local Stabil-Loc Contractor is committed to providing repair services for the one-of-a-kind foundation needs of our valued customers in your local area. We consistently provide prompt and professional foundation repairs.

As a responsible homeowner, we encourage you not allow foundation problems to linger. If you have experienced uneven floors, cracks in the interior drywall, sticky windows and doors or standing water in the basement or crawlspace , we will get you all fixed up. We are your local Stabil-Loc licensed structural specialists.

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Common Health Problems Associated with Molds

Having a Waterproof Basement or Crawlspace Directly Impacts the Health of Your Family 
Dampness can result in the growth of the growth of mold and mildew in any area of the home. Water seeping into your home’s basement or crawlspace and collecting in stagnant pools are some common causes for the growth of mold and mildew in your home’s basement or crawl space. It is of significant importance for you to be on the lookout for signs of the growth of mold and mildew in any area of your home, especially considering that it can give rise to a any number of health problems for homeowners and their families.

Allergic reactions can be triggered by mold spores as well as black mold. Those with a weak, sensitive or compromised immune system often begin to suffer from these allergic reactions almost immediately or very soon after the first exposure. The severity of the allergic reaction is by-and-large dependent on the severity of the black mold growth . Common allergy symptoms include red eyes, headaches, hives on skin, development of rashes, cough, irregularity in blood pressure, concentration problems, lethargy, memory loss and nausea. Even in the absence of allergies, there is production of toxins in the body called mycotoxin, which may lead to skin irritation and eye and nose inflamation.

Respiratory Infections
Those suffering with ongoing lung issues often suffer from acute infections and associated complications as a result of coming into contact with mold and mold spores. Due to the toxic odor, many people in this situation can also begin to experience acute reactions such as respiratory issues and fever. Some of the more common respiratory problems include tightness in the chest, uneasiness in respiration, asthma, and even in some rare cases bleeding in lungs.

Pain and Urological Issues
In cases of severe and ongoing exposure to molds, some people also suffer from pain as well as functionality issues related to their disgestive systems and urological areas. In many area homes, residents complain of numerous issues such as digestion problems, problems in urination, pain in internal organs such as liver, urinary tract infections and more.

Eye Problems
There are various typical problems of the eye that are caused by allergic reaction resulting from exposure to poisonous black mold. Redness, itchiness, inflammation and irritation are the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction with the presence of mold. It is wise to ask a doctor about mold reactions. can provide relief from these unfortunate and painful symptoms.

Lung problems
Exposure to mold or moldy air can give rise to a large number of lung problems such as Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Lung Fibrosis, and Aspergillosis. Individuals affected with such conditions can experience tightness in chest and lungs, mild-to-severe chest pain, and an increased amount of phlegm. The immune system allows for the production of larger amounts of mucus in order to resist the entry of mold spores into the lungs, and expel them out of the lungs through phlegm.

Taking care of a mold problem in your house is vital for your family’s health. If you or someone in your neighborhood or family needs a professional to speak with a potential mold problem, or if you are in need of professional help for a foundation or basement waterproofing repair job, please call us right away!