Certified Structural Evaluator®

There are numerous benefits to using a Stabil-Loc Certified Structural Evaluator™, including the fact that you will receive a precise and FREE evaluation of your home. Our authorized contractors are trained to take a multi-step approach to diagnosing and treating a structural problem. This process eliminates an inaccurate diagnosis and allows our CSEs to pinpoint the cause of the problem and take care of it quickly and properly.

Step 1: A thorough evaluation of the interior symptoms and damage to your home.

Step 2: The exterior is meticulously evaluated by making at least three laps around your home and taking all necessary measurements.

Step 3: Final elevation readings are taken inside the home using Zip Levels and Laser Levels.

This research will be used to create a structural repair plan for your property. Anything less, and you are putting you property at risk of an inaccurate diagnosis. It is the position of Stabil-Loc and its’ “Authorized Contractor” network, that a foundation repair job is not complete until the homeowner has documentation detailing the work that was completed. After each job is finished, the homeowner will receive an Engineering Report reviewed which is stamped and approved by a professional engineer.

Engineer Report Package

After the work is finished in your home, you will receive a report showing the following useful information:

  • A CAD generated schematic of the foundation of the house, complete with final elevation readings, and a designation on the drawing of the location of the piers installed.
  • A pier summary data table that describes;
    – number of the pier, as it coincides with the schematic
    – number of segments used to reach bedrock
    – number of feet of depth to reach bedrock
    – amount of hydraulic fluid pressure applied to each pier, to reach bedrock and load-test the pier
    – amount of weight sitting on top of each pier, as calculated by the Engineer preparing the report
    – amount of weight the pier can hold, based on independent testing of the Stabil-Loc Foundation Piering System’s load carrying capacity
  • Safety Load Factor – a ratio of the amount of weight sitting on top of each pier and amount of weight the pier can hold. It will always be at least 10 to 1, the highest in the industry
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Certificate
  • Stabil-Loc Warranty Trust Certificate
  • Stabil-Loc Sales Brochure, with all pertinent information describing the type of piering system used

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